Unpaid care work in Indonesia

Photos taken by women in Bekasi and Ganjur communities in Indonesia

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1. A mother with a young child making chilli paste
2. This woman saved up for and bought a second handing washing machine in order to help reduce the burden of her daily caring responsibilities, which include caring for her husband who is blind. The machine cost 300,000 Indonesian rupiah (around £20).
3. This women used to have a government job while her husband stayed at home. In 2012, she quit so as to give her child quality care. Her husband has a construction job.
4. A woman hangs clothes to dry, while her husband holds their child. The image also shows the woman’s low-paid income generating activities – a small store which supplies ‘basic-needs’ provisions and is also used to sell porridge and fried noodles.
5. A woman in the area where washing (of clothes and dishes) takes place. The water in the image is stagnant.