Research reflections

Unpaid care work is a major human rights issue and the diverse movement for the recognition, reduction and redistribution of women's unpaid care work as an essential element of gender equality is finally being heard.
Written by: Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed
This blog by IDS research fellow Deepta Chopra explains the process behind the new animation 'Who Cares: Unpaid care work, poverty and women/girls' human rights'.
Written by: Deepta Chopra
Naomi Hossain reflects on the issue of care in development, starting from her first job in 1994 Bangladesh where she studied whether non-traditional jobs empowered women, and then to analyse rural women’s time-use diaries.
Written by: Naomi Hossain
On International Women’s Day Rosalind Eyben reflects on IDS’s progress in raising the profile of care in development.
Written by: Rosalind Eyben