Digital stories from Shillong, Meghalaya

These digital stories are part of a series made on tablets by six indigenous and non-indigenous women of varying education from Shillong in Meghalaya, India. They had never used a tablet or animation software before, but were trained in a four day workshop in order to produce a digital story using i-pads.  The women tell their personal stories of the challenges they have in accessing SRH services, and in participating in policy development and public decision making on SRH. An unexpected theme that runs through several of the stories is that of the ill-effects of alcohol on family and health related problems .

Ups and Downs in Shillong

In this digital story a woman tells the ups and downs of her life, including her marriage to an abusive alcoholic, life as a single mother, training as a beautician, becoming a link health worker, the death of her second husband and her struggle to support and provide for her children. 

Taking Responsibility

In this video, a woman tells her story of her contrasting experiences with state health and private health provision during her pregnancy, and advocates for better sexual and reproductive health services for all women.

Never Back Down

In this video, a woman tells her story of how she overcame many difficulties to become an activist with the Meghalaya Domestic Worker’s Movement, and President of Meghalaya Domestic Worker’s Union.

My Decisions

In this video, a woman tells the story of her challenges to accessing family planning.