As part of the research on the health of women and girls in low-income urban settings, we will be conducting a case study in Kenya. The case study explores experiences with policy devolution, its effects on HIV services for women and girls and the ability of women and girls in low-income urban settlements to enjoy their constitutional rights in this new political structure. This case study is scheduled for 2014. See below for further information on the case study.

Consitutional Change and Access to HIV Services

Following political unrest, Kenya published a new constitution in May 2010. According to the constitution all Kenyans have the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care, and to a clean environment. Among the constitutional reforms was “devolution” - a transfer of responsibility from the national government to the lower levels (the counties) to improve up- and downwards accountability. A few years on since the implementation of devolution, it is necessary to draw lesions on the policy process of devolution, its effects. 

The case study seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What are the perceived effects of Kenya’s national devolution policy on access to HIV prevention and ART services for women and girls in urban areas?
  • What are the factors that shape the county level policy on HIV prevention and ART?
  • How can women and girls in urban areas participate in policy development, notably health priority setting and budget allocation at the county level?
  • What is the role of PLHIV organizations in county policy formulation on HIV prevention ART access?

Digital Storytelling from Nairobi

This case study employed a number of innovative methodologies, including Digital Storytelling. Five HIV-positive women from Kibera and Majengo - two low-income settlements in Nairobi - share their personal stories via the medium of digital storytelling, Click on the image below to view all of their stories.

Doorway in Kibera

Researcher Emmy Kageha writes about the emotional and transformative process of creating these digital stories with the women in her blog post – Digital story telling: working with your own story.

Kenya programme report

Constitutional Reforms and Access to HIV Services for Women in Low-resource Settings in Nairobi, Kenya, Oosterhoff, Pauline and Kageha Igonya, Emily (2015).

This case study examines: the difficulties that poor women and girls living in slum areas face in getting access to HIV services, including anti-retroviral treatment; their perception of how devolution has affected HIV and other health-related services; and their ability to participate in political decision-making and to bring about change at the local level. 

Evidence report | Supporting brief

Researcher Emmy Kageha discusses the use of Digital Storytelling in research

In this interview, researcher Emmy Kageha Igonya talks about the use of Digital Storytelling as an innovative research methodology within the case study on constitutional change in Kenya and access to HIV services for women and girls in low-income urban settlements in Nairobi. 

Latest updates

A new policy briefing from IDS calls for decision-makers to take a broader approach to address the social, structural and economic determinants of health, and to ensure community involvement in interventions with genuine gender inclusivity. The paper is based on six case studies and a thematic review examining women’s and girls’ access to health in low-income urban settlements.

A case study report by Pauline Oosterhoff and Emily Kageha Igonya looks at constitutional reform in Kenya and examines the difficulties that poor women and girls living in Nairobi's slum areas face in getting access to HIV services, as well as the attention of policy makers. 

Our researchers, Emmy Kageha Igonya and Darisuk Kharlyngdoh, will be presenting at the ResUp Symposium and Training Exchange from February 9th - 12th, in Nairobi, Kenya. We'll be updating this page throughout the event, so watch this space for the latest updates!