Uptake and advocacy

An integrated part of the research process is to ensure uptake across the organisations throughout and beyond the project, so that the findings feed directly back into programmes and interventions. 

The research and advocacy partnership will ensure that the results are disseminated at district and national level, discussed with local civil society organisations, research institutions and others, and used to inform local advocacy. The selection of sites will ensure further opportunities and inroads for influence on programmatic staff, thereby helping research findings and messages enter the internal channels of these organisations more easily.

Key events include

March 2017Panel events at CSW61
May 2017SEEP Women's Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum in Bangkok, Thailand
June 2017International Association for Feminist Economists, Annual conference: Gender Inequalties in a Multipolar World in Seoul, Korea


Stakeholder engagement

Selected stakeholders will be invited to participate in key meetings to engage in research design, as well as discuss research findings and identify recommendations for change. There will be international, national and district level research uptake workshops. For some actors, research will be conducted in their programme areas and institutional representatives will be invited to join the research team in lobbying policymakers on specific policies. A subset of the project's expert advisory group will be identified to debate and discuss our research and support effective uptake of key messages and findings via their networks.

Diagram showing stakeholder groups

Our influencing and engagement approach

Diagram showing our influencing and engagement approach